What Does WYM Mean? Snapchat, Texting, and More (2024)

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1What does "WYM" mean on Snapchat?

2What does "WYM" mean in texting?

3How to Use “WYM”

4How to Respond to “WYM”

5Alternative Definitions of "WYM"

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Co-authored byHardy Jeanand Glenn Carreau

Last Updated: April 2, 2024Fact Checked

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"WYM" is a popular abbreviation that shows up on Snapchat, WhatsApp, text messages, and social media, so you might be wondering what it means. No need to worry! Here, we'll walk you through the definition of "WYM," show you how you can use it and respond to it, and explain its less common alternative meanings. Soon, adding a quick "WYM" to your own messages will feel like second nature.

  1. "WYM" most often stands for "what you mean?" on Snapchat. This abbreviation is basically a request for more information or guidance. It has the same meaning as the full sentence, "what do you mean?" Other abbreviations including WYM are:[1]

    • "WDYM" means "what do you mean?"
    • "DYM" means "did you mean?"
    • "IKWYM" means "I know what you mean."
    • "IDKWYM" means "I don't know what you mean."
    • WYM is usually written in capital letters, although some may use lowercase letters.
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What does "WYM" mean in texting?

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  1. "WYM" also means "what you mean?" over text. On top of texting, this definition applies to WYM on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and all other social media platforms. You're being asked for clarification when you see a "WYM" in your texts and social media messages![2]

    • You: "Today could NOT end faster. 😩"
    • Them: “WYM? You okay?"

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How to Use “WYM”

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  1. 1

    Use WYM to ask for clarification. When someone sends you a message, and you're not entirely sure what they mean, try sending them a quick "WYM." Once the other person sees the abbreviation, they'll know you didn't understand—and hopefully explain themselves a little better.[3]

    • Them: "Can't come to the party tonight, sorry 😢"
    • You: "WYM, you can't come??"
    • Them: "Homework got too intense, and I've really gotta study."
  2. 2

    WYM can also be used to disagree with someone. WYM can also express disbelief or annoyance with something that has been said. Use it to indicate your disapproval and get an explanation for the differing opinions simultaneously. For example:

    • Them: "I didn't like the last Spider-Man movie."
    • You: "WYM, it's amazing!!"
    • Them: "Agree to disagree? 😬 I just thought the ending wasn't that satisfying."
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How to Respond to “WYM”

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  1. 1

    Clarify your meaning. When someone sends you WYM, they want a better explanation of something you've said. Go ahead and give them what they're asking for, so you can get on the same page with your messaging buddy![4]

    • You: "Thanks again for watching my cat today! Did you see the instructions I left?"
    • Them: "Yeah, I did! I'm a little confused about WYM with filling the electronic feeder, though."
    • You: "Oh, no problem! Let me explain it differently. 😊"
  2. 2

    Give additional details. Someone who texts WYM might also be looking for extra information that you've left out—either intentionally or accidentally. If you notice that you've neglected a few details, go ahead and share them once you're prompted with WYM.

    • You: "This week will be rough!"
    • Them: “WYM?”
    • You: "Oh, didn't you hear? My car broke down yesterday! 😭"
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Alternative Definitions of "WYM"

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  1. "WYM" sometimes means "watch your mouth" instead. It's a more aggressive way to tell someone that you don't like what they said and get them to rethink what they say in the future. If someone upsets you with an insult or ignorant words, "WYM" will let them know you're unhappy.[5]

    • Them: "She was wearing the ugliest sweater today! She's so weird."
    • You: “WYM! She's a sweet person, and you shouldn't talk about her like that."
    • The context of a message usually tells you which WYM definition is being used. They'll ask "what you mean?" if you text about something that could cause confusion. They mean "watch your mouth" if you say something that could be impolite.

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