Werewolf Awakening (Story) by Kyburz (2024)

Ever stick your nose where it didn’t belong? Tonight, Max made the wrong choice during his evening jog. A full moon was rising over the horizon, and the park was suspiciously quiet. Suddenly, Max heard a fast rustle in the bushes, bringing him to a halt. He shifted his gaze, and stared right into a glowing yellow pair of eyes, then a massive form pounced on him. Whatever it was lept back into the brush, leaving the young human male groaning with a deep scratch in his arm. By the time he got up, the changes had already begun.

Where he feared to see a gaping wound, Max instead laid eyes upon a thick and furry arm with a massive clawed hand. “Oh no,” he whimpered, “This can’t be happening.” He flexed his fingers, and the clawed hand grew before his very eyes. “Gah! This isn’t real. This is a dream!” With his normal hand, Max pinched his furred arm. He tried to at least. The fur was too dense for him to be able to pinch the skin. “Oh come on!” He groaned, then tried to pinch his human arm with the clawed hand. Instead, two of the claws poked into his flesh. He yelped and drew the arm back, a drop of blood seeped from the wound, then it dissolved as short furs began to sprout around the hole.

“What the hell? This IS real!” The young man panicked. Fur continued to spread up his arm, then it began acquiring new mass out of nowhere. Max’s mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening. This clearly violated the law of physics, but it was real. Worse, it was happening to him at this very moment. The fur had climbed up to his armpits, and now they were bulking up by the second. Heavier and heavier they grew, while Max tried to hold them upright. Failing, they turned limp and fell to his sides.

“Nnnnnrrrrrrrggggh” he groaned, his voice noticeably lower, as the changes began to take hold in his torso. The once flat chest he had was now pressing up against his button-up. Muscle, fur, and mass accumulated in his skin. Fur poked through the gaps between buttons, eager to bathe in the moonlight. Threads began to creak as the human grew bigger and bigger.

Max finally noticed the rapid twitching of his nose. Crossing his eyes, he was met not with the triangular shape of his nose, but a rounded dome of darkening skin. A sudden urge crossed his mind, and he parted his lips to lick at it. A broad tongue lapped over his new nose. It finally sank in what he was doing.

“What the hell is going on? This isn’t me!” He was on the verge of a panic attack. Instead of tumbling past that threshold, a phrase slipped between his lips, “This is me.” The saying eased his mind momentarily, then he doubled over as his shoes tightened around his feet.

“Argggggg!” Max practically growled as he felt the material bulge. Their rubber toes split at the front as claws stabbed through. The changing human grit his teeth as the shoes grew tighter and tighter. Canvas and rubber creaked like overfilled balloons. Laces drew taut against the tongue.

A grimace spread across Max’s face, literally. His jaw pushed forward, taking with it his chin, mouth, and nose. The pain in his feet was too great for him to notice the changes spreading across his face. Sharp teeth rose from his gums, giving him a menacing visage. His ears crawled up the side of his head, turning thin and pointy, accentuated with tufts of fur. Hair retracted into matted fur, growing in all directions and hiding his toned skin.


One of his laces snapped under the pressure, relinquishing some space to the former human’s enlarged foot. Max’s tongue lolled out, and a heavy sigh rumbled from his throat. His voice had dropped at least an octave at this point. The lacing on the opposite shoe quickly followed the other, splitting in two places before going limp. Max wriggled the ankle, and the broken lace slipped free, allowing the tongue to pop up and reveal more of the thinly-furred foot. It was more comfortable, but the toes remained compressed against the rubber. “Just burst already!” Max snarled.



As if the shoes had heard his command, the seams tore apart. Clawed toes lurched forth, wriggling in the cool air. Max panted with pleasure, “Wrrurrrf.” He didn’t even feel off put by the clearly dog-like noise he had made. His eyes peeled open. Yellow sclera commented on orange irises. His pupils were thinning into slits. The wolfman kicked the remains of his shoes off, torn canvas and rubber disappearing in the bush. His thick-soled paws touched the dirt and grass.

There was a crack, then his legs buckled. Instinctively, he raised his soles and stood only on his clawed paws. His legs adjusted to the sudden shift in posture, then bunched up against his pants as muscle and mass formed. Max tried to take his first step forward. Still disoriented by the speed of the transformation, he lost his balance and crumpled forward onto his hands and knees.


Along his thighs, knees, and even his seat, Max’s pants explode open. Furry flesh and muscle bulge through the gaps, snapping apart seams with each little motion. He hadn’t even noticed how tight they had become. His pants wouldn’t be a concern anymore.

He straightens his torso and sighs heavily, or tries to. His chest has taken on so much muscle and fluff that his shirt wrapped against him like cling-wrap. The buttons strained heavily in their sockets, threads already pulling and the buttonholes stretched wide open. With each passing moment, Max had taken in deeper and deeper breaths, heaving his chest and pushing the shirt right to the breaking point. He began feeling lightheaded.

“I gotta get this shirt off,” he grumbled faintly.

He raises his clawed hands to tear open his shirt, but the action blows open the shoulder seams. “More room to grow,” the wolf thought with a smirk. He stands upright and arches his back.


“Nnnf…” He groans, “Too tight!” He balls his hands into fists, muscles bulging and further tearing apart his sleeves. In one smooth action, he draws his arms back, pushing out his chest.


The button right over his pecs shoots off.


The highest one flies away.


The one beneath the first tumbles into the dirt. His pecs lurch forwards, finally freed.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhh…” Max groans, tongue rolling out. He claws the two buttons over his stomach, and the shirt falls to the ground in pieces.

The werewolf relishes in the moment, taking in deep breaths of the cold evening air. His olive-brown fur glistens under the rising moonlight. Once his breathing calms, Max surveys his new body.

Big fluffy claws, big chest, long paws, a wolf muzzle…

“Wait a minute. Something’s missing…”

A pressure builds up at the base of his spine. “Ahh, the tail!” He clenches his jaw as the sensation grows and grows, until…



A fluffy tail swishes free from his pants and sways in the breeze. Max takes the opportunity to shred the remainder of his outfit. Then he stretches out his muscles. “This feels pretty good,” he says to himself, “Quite the bod I have now!”

“I take it you like the changes then?” A low voice says from the bushes, catching the new werewolf by surprise.


My first attempt at a werewolf transformation, featuring me!

Wanted to finish that sketch from yesterday. Also wanted to fit in a short story! Hope you like it.


Open for commissions!

Details here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/53147169/

Werewolf Awakening (Story) by Kyburz (2024)


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