Corrie newcomer reveals why killer Joel should fear DS Swain's daughter Betsy (2024)

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We soap fans are not a patient bunch, it’s a toxic trait of ours so having to wait to meet DS Swain’s Coronation Street daughter Betsy – who has been a bit of an enigma – has been tricky.

After all, it has been a long time since the show confirmed that Vicky Myers’ tough-as-nails detective was being made a show regular, with the promise that we would also be introduced to her troubled teen daughter.

Recently, we headed to Weatherfield to put the burning questions to newcomer Sydney Martin and, as viewers recently discovered, she is already familiar.

Fans previously saw the character – then dubbed Sabrina’s mate – give Lauren Bolton’s killer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) the side-eye that basically said, ‘I’ve clocked you.’

And Sydney was quick to confirm to us that it’s very much the case that Betsy has sussed that he can’t be trusted.

With Joel having creepily targeted Sabrina, Betsy warns her friend off and snatches the opportunity to get under Joel’s skin – and make some cash out of it in the process.

‘She’s had a brief interaction with Joel who she kind of sniffs out straight way,’ she told us. ‘She’s like, “No, you’re not good news!’

‘But whether she knows the full extent [of what he’s capable of], I wouldn’t know. She definitely knows that he’s not everything he makes out to be, this perfect lawyer image. She doesn’t believe that for a second.

‘She absolutely does not trust Joel. Even the little bit of her we’ve seen, the dirty looks. She’s been exposed to probably a lot at quite a young age. Maybe it’s her naivety or an instinct, she knows off the back that he’s not good news.’

So perhaps her mum being a detective has rubbed off on Betsy. But that’s not to say that she would always use the power of law for good…

Sydney smiled: ‘It’s a weird one because with her mum’s job, we know that she had two mums, one of whom she lost when she was on duty.

‘I think she’s got a disrespect for the law but she definitely has an investigative root in her. It’s kind of for her own gain, whether she can get money or an opportunity, she’ll do anything to get that. She wants the power!’

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The relationship between Betsy and Lisa (guys, it still feels weird calling DS Swain Lisa, I won’t lie) is a strained one but, as Sydney’s co-star Vicky explained to us when she chatted with her, it is still one packed with powerful love.

We know that Lisa’s partner was killed violently in the line of duty, and this harrowing loss has had a profound impact on Betsy.

‘Betsy is a very interesting character,’ Syndey continued, clearly loving getting to grips with her complex alter-ego.

‘She’s very feisty from what we’ve heard and very co*cky. Obviously her mum is a powerhouse of a woman, a really strong and powerful character. She’s very intelligent and obviously that’s passed down to Betsy.

‘Whether she uses that in an intelligent way, I don’t know! She’s so much fun to play. She’s so interesting and has so many layers. We’ll definitely find out more about her little cheeky personality.’

So, what’s next? Like Lisa, she will cross paths with factory queen Carla Connor (Alison King), who takes her under her wing.

Sydney revealed: ‘Betsy starts doing work experience at the factory [which has been] set up by her mum. She definitely likes to push buttons, and we’ll see what happens with Carla – but when she gets a little bit of information on her, she runs with it.

‘If it can make her life better whether it comes to money or opportunities, Betsy will push for it, she’s not afraid to get what she wants!

‘And, just to tease, a little bit later on she maybe mixes with some slightly younger people that we’ve met before. So who knows what she gets up to?’

My gut is saying that ‘quite a lot’ may be the answer to that question

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Corrie newcomer reveals why killer Joel should fear DS Swain's daughter Betsy (2024)


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