167 Nonbinary Baby Names and Meanings | Peanut (2024)

Looking for trending baby names free from gender pressure and filled with potential?

Oh mama, we have you covered.

More mamas-to-be are becoming interested in nonbinary names and with a good reason!

These names defy the norms and embrace individuality. Talk about main character energy. ✨

2023 is all about nonbinary baby names that celebrate individual qualities and channel free thinking.

Not to mention those that boast major staying power.

Timeless titles are a tall order, but what can be more enduring than genderfluid names that defy the status quo and sound good in any culture?

(We’ll wait).

So, if you’re looking to raise your baby outside strict gender rules.

If you feel that the sound and meaning of a name are more important than the gender it is traditionally assigned to.

Or if you simply want to have more choice.

These nonbinary names offer you and your baby a great deal of freedom.

In this article: 📝

  • What do we mean when we say nonbinary?
  • What are good nonbinary names for 2023?
  • How do I choose a non-binary name?
  • What are cool nonbinary names?
  • What are some rare nonbinary names?

What do we mean when we say nonbinary?

Before we take a look at what’s on the menu, let’s have a quick check-in with the terminology.

“Nonbinary” is a term a person might use to describe themselves when they don’t identify fully with either of the gender categories of “male” or “female.”

Instead, they might have a gender that combines aspects of being male and female.

Or they may have a gender that is different from male or female.

They might even see their gender as something that is constantly evolving.

Nonbinary names reflect this fluid understanding of gender.

They won’t typically be names traditionally associated with being male or female but that might not always be the case.

Are nonbinary names the same as gender-neutral names?

Not exactly.

Gender-neutral names are names that are given fairly equally to both girls and boys.

They’re not linked to one gender more than another.

Nonbinary names, on the other hand, could be any name (even one that seems more “masculine” or “feminine”) that a nonbinary person feels reflects their unique understanding of their gender identity as it exists on a spectrum.

If you’re looking for nonbinary names for your baby that will allow them more room to explore their gender identity in the future, names that don’t fall within a certain gender category can work well.

What is a androgynous name?

An androgynous person doesn’t outwardly present as either male or female.

That’s in contrast to nonbinary, where it’s more about how one identifies than how one appears to the outside world.

So androgynous names? Well, that’s tricky.

An androgynous person may choose to take on a nonbinary name or one that is associated with the gender they identify with.

What are ENBY names?

And ENBY names?

ENBY is the same as nonbinary (it’s how you spell out the “NB” of nonbinary.)

Ready to get going?

On our list, we’ve picked 167 ENBY names for your inspiration.

We hope you find something you like!

What are good nonbinary names for 2023?

Looking for solid predictions for the most popular non-binary names of 2023?

We’ve dug deep into the Peanut baby name archive and gathered the top picks that tick every 2023 trending box.

That includes timeless favorites that make for hip, slick nicknames.

Check it out:

  1. Allie: Meaning “harmony” or nobility. Rooted in Alison, Allie has earned its place in the last 150 years as a powerhouse name. Also works as Aly or Ali.
  2. Amaranth: Meaning “unfading flower”.
  3. Andi: Meaning “brave”.
  4. Angel: Meaning “messenger”.
  5. Aphra: Meaning “dust”.
  6. Ariel: More than a Disney name, Ariel is an enduring nonbinary Biblical name meaning “lion of God”.
  7. Arin: Meaning “mountain of strength”.
  8. Arlo: Meaning “fortified hill”.
  9. Aster: A Greek name meaning “star”.
  10. Atlas: Meaning “to carry”. The whole world in baby’s hands.
  11. Aubrey: Meaning “elf ruler”.
  12. August: From the Latin name Augustus meaning “esteemed”.
  13. Billie: Meaning “determination”. If you want to inspire baby to break against norms and follow their own path, naming them after the Bad Guy singer.
  14. Blake: Meaning “dark”.
  15. Clementine: Meaning “merciful”.
  16. Corey: Meaning “in a hollow”.
  17. Devan: Meaning “divine”.
  18. Drew: Meaning “wise”.
  19. Ellis: Meaning “kind”.
  20. Everest: Meaning “dweller on the Eure River”. A great choice if you want baby to feel on top of the world.
  21. Gray: Meaning “gray-haired”.
  22. Haven: Meaning “safe place”.
  23. Indiana: Meaning “land of the Indians”. This pop-culture favorite is making a big comeback this year thanks to the return of the classic Indiana Jones series.
  24. Jordan: Meaning “to flow down”.
  25. Kai: Meaning “sea”.
  26. Lex: Meaning “defender of men”. Meaning
  27. Luck: Meaning “fortunate”.
  28. Lyric: Meaning “songlike”.
  29. Quinn: Meaning “wise”.
  30. Reed: Meaning “red hair”.
  31. River: Meaning “flowing body of water”.
  32. Rowan: Meaning “red-haired”.
  33. Rune: Meaning “secret” form the Old Norse word rún.
  34. ​​Sloane: A bad ass name meaning “raider”.
  35. Valor: Meaning “courage” or “bravey”.
  36. Wren: Meaning “small songbird”.

How do I choose a non-binary name?

Freedom forms the heart of non-binary names.

The beauty of ENBY baby names is the emphasis on meaning and individuality.

No surprise then that 2023 non-binary names are trending towards timeless surnames, adjectives, and word names such as River, Winter, and Wren.

So, where to start?

You could follow other 2023 baby name trends such as vintage and old-fashioned Grandma names.

Nature names are also going nowhere fast and offer gorgeous non-binary titles like Reed, Bryn, and Kai.

There is plenty of room for you to think outside the box.

If the choices feel a little too endless, we have some prompts below to get you started.

What are nonbinary names from surnames?

First names taken from surnames are a classic source of non-binary names.

Popular choices from recent Social Security Administration data include Avery, Cameron, and Sawyer.

Or you could go for something a bit more unusual, such as the English Perry (meaning, quite poetically, “one who dwells by a pear tree”) or the German Landis.

Other stellar surnames inspo include:

  1. Adair: A Gaelic non-binary name meaning “happy spear”.
  2. Addison: Meaning “descendant of Adam”.
  3. Avery: Meaning “ruler of elves”.
  4. Bailey: An Old-English name meaning “bailiff”.
  5. Blair: Meaning “battlefield”.
  6. Cameron: Meaning “crooked nose”.
  7. Harper: Meaning “harp player”.
  8. Landis: Meaning “ruler of the land”. What a vibe for a future leader in the making.
  9. Mackenzie: Meaning “of the bright one” or “of the fair leader”. Self five!
  10. Marley: Meaning “pleasant meadow”. Serene.
  11. Monroe: Meaning “from the mouth of the river”.
  12. Morgan: A water baby name meaning “sea-born”.
  13. Parker: Meaning “park keeper”.
  14. Perry: Meaning “traveler”.
  15. Regan: Meaning “the king’s child” from the Irish surname Ua Riagáin.
  16. Riley: Meaning “valiant”.
  17. Sawyer: Meaning “woodcutter”.
  18. Taylor: From the Old French word tailleor, meaning “cutter of cloth”.

What are nonbinary names inspired by geography?

Other good non-binary names can be inspired by places or geographical features.

You could celebrate your Scottish roots with Argyle (from the county of Argyll in southwestern Scotland) or Glen.

Or honor your favorite US city with names such as Indiana and Phoenix.

You could also choose a non-binary name with a biblical flavor, such as Eden, Salem, or Zion.

Alternatively, for a really original name, just pick a compass direction.

If you don’t wish to leave it up to fate, take your pick from one of these:

  1. Alaska: Meaning “great land” (for that main character energy).
  2. Albany: Meaning “fair”.
  3. Austin: Meaning “great” or “magnificent”.
  4. Argyle: A unique heritage name meaning “from the land of the Gaels”.
  5. Brett: Meaning “Briton”.
  6. Brixton: Meaning “stone of Brixi”, Brixton celebrates the vibrant multicultural vibes of the down-to-earth London district. It’s a vibe.
  7. Brooklyn: Meaning “small stream”.
  8. Caspian: Boasting lowkey legendary vibes, Caspian means “from Qazvin”. Made popular by the fictitious Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia series.
  9. Denver: Meaning “green valley”.
  10. East: Meaning “from the East”.
  11. Eden: Meaning “place of delight”.
  12. Glen: Meaning “valley”.
  13. Holland: Meaning “wooded land”.
  14. Heath: Meaning “one who lives by the heath”.
  15. Jersey: Meaning “grassy land”.
  16. Lane: Meaning “path” or, even cooler, “of the warrior” from the Gaelic surname O’Luain. In use since the 12th century, this nonbinary name is going nowhere fast.
  17. London: Meaning “city in the grove”.
  18. Macon: Meaning “stone-worker”.
  19. Milan: Forever associated with fashion and style, Milan is actually rooted in the Old Slavic word mil meaning “beloved”.
  20. North: Meaning “of the north”. Onwards and upwards!
  21. Phoenix: Meaning “dark red” but most associated with the rebirth and immortality.
  22. Rio: Meaning “river”. A solid non-English alternative to River.
  23. Salem: A Gothic-style non-binary name meaning “peace”. Between Salem’s Lot, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the Salem witch trials, Salem is brimming with supernatural witchy vibes. 🧙‍♀️
  24. South: Meaning “of the South”.
  25. Sydney: Meaning “wide meadow”.
  26. West: Meaning “from the West”.
  27. Zaire: An African baby name meaning “the river that swallows all rivers”.
  28. Zion: Meaning “highest point”.
  29. Zuma: Meaning “peace”.

What are nonbinary names from nature?

Names taken from nature can make especially unique, cute non-binary names.

The only problem is—there are just too many to choose from!

Sweet names to make your mouth water include Berry, Fig, and Maple.

Or what about a fragrant herb like Thyme or Sage?

Tree names, such as Elm and Oak, can convey a sense of strength and wisdom, while gemstone names, such as Garnet, Onyx, or Lapis (from “lapis lazuli,” a blue stone) celebrate the precious gift of your baby.

Here are some of our favorite non-binary names inspired by nature:

  1. Acorn: Meaning “acorn”.
  2. Aloe: Meaning “bitter and shiny substance” from the [Arabic] word alloeh. A reference to the healing Aloe Vera plant”.
  3. Amber: Meaning “amber-colored”.
  4. Apple: Meaning “apple”.
  5. Apricot: Meaning “early ripening” from the Latin word praecocia.
  6. Ash: Related to the hebrew name Asher meaning “happy”.
  7. Aspen: Meaning “shaking tree”.
  8. Bay: Meaning “bathe”.
  9. Berry: Meaning “small fruit”.
  10. Birch: Meaning “happy”.
  11. Bird: Meaning “bright”.
  12. Borage: Meaning “star flower”.
  13. Bracken: Meaning “speckled”.
  14. Bramble: Meaning “blackberry shrub”.
  15. Briar: An edgier flower name meaning “thorny bush of wild roses”.
  16. Cherry: Meaning “dear one” or “cherry fruit” depending on the French origin you favor.
  17. Citrine: Meaning “lemon”.
  18. Cloud: Meaning “like a cloud”.
  19. Dusty: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  20. Elm: Meaning “dweller by the elm tree”.
  21. Ember: Meaning “spark”.
  22. Emerald: Meaning “green gemstone”.
  23. Evening: A provocative little name meaning “the coming of evening”.
  24. Fennel: Meaning “little hay”.
  25. Fig: Meaning “fig”.
  26. Fir: Meaning “fire” from the German word “feuer”.
  27. Garnet: Meaning “pomegranate”.
  28. Grove: Meaning “grove”.
  29. Hart: A vintage name meaning “stag”.
  30. Jasper: Meaning “treasurer”.
  31. Jay: Meaning “victory”. Sanskrit in origin.
  32. Juniper: Meaning “young”.
  33. Kelp: Meaning “seaweed”.
  34. Kestrel: Meaning “rattle”.
  35. Kyanite: Meaning “deep blue”.
  36. Lapis: Meaning “azure blue stone”.
  37. Lark: Meaning “playful songbird”.
  38. Leaf: A variation of the Scandinavian name Leif meaning “heir”.
  39. Malachite: Meaning “precious green gem”.
  40. Maple: Meaning “one who lives near maple trees”.
  41. Mica: Meaning “friend” from the Latin word amīca.
  42. Oak: Meaning “oak tree”.
  43. Obsidian: Meaning “stone of Obsius”.
  44. Ocean: The OG ocean name meaning “sea”.
  45. Onyx Meaning “black gemstone”.
  46. Peridot: Meaning “green gemstone”.
  47. Pine: Meaning “pine tree”.
  48. Quartz: Meaning “quarz” or “hard” from the Czech term tvrdý.
  49. Rain: Meaning ““abundant blessing from above”.
  50. Robin: Meaning “bright” or “famous”.
  51. Rook: Meaning “raven hair”.
  52. Root: Meaning “glad” or “cheerful” from the Old English word rōt.
  53. Sage: Meaning “wise”.
  54. Snow: Meaning “frozen rain”.
  55. Sparrow: Meaning “small bird”.
  56. Storm: Meaning “tempest”.
  57. Thyme: Meaning “thyme herb”.
  58. Yarrow: Meaning “rough stream”.

What are nonbinary names inspired by science and space

Another great source of unusual ENBY names is the world of science, especially astronomy and stargazing.

You’ve got sweet and simple: Star, Sun, Sky.

Or dramatic and memorable: Eclipse, Nova (from “supernova,” an exploding star), and Zenith.

You could pick an element from the Periodic Table, such as Cadmium, Copper, or Neon.

Or you could even take inspiration from the Moon and its cycle by choosing Wax or Wane as a name.

  1. Aqua: Meaning “sea blue”.
  2. Axis: Meaning “pivot”.
  3. Cadmium: Meaning “calamine”.
  4. Comet: Meaning “head with long hair”, though you know it best as a striking celestial object. 🌠
  5. Copper: Meaning “reddish brown”.
  6. Day: Meaning “day”.
  7. Eclipse: Meaning “a rare phenomenon”.
  8. Flair: Meaning “style”.
  9. Galaxy: Meaning “large system of stars”.
  10. Gibbous: Meaning “hump”.
  11. Infinity: Meaning “endless”.
  12. Lumen: Meaning “light”.
  13. Lunar: An alternative to the Italian name Luna meaning “moon”.
  14. Mercury: Meaning “messenger of the Gods”.
  15. Moon: Meaning “moon”.
  16. Neon: Meaning “new”, this name exudes bold energy.
  17. Nova: Meaning “new”.
  18. Petri: Meaning “rock”.
  19. Pulsar: Meaning “pulsating star”.
  20. Sky: Meaning “cloud”.
  21. Solar: Meaning “of the sun”.
  22. Star: Meaning “celestial body”.
  23. Sun: Meaning “goodness”. Korean in origin.
  24. Time: Meaning “an era”.
  25. Vega: Meaning “falling star”.
  26. Wane: Meaning “to gradually decrease”.
  27. Wax: Meaning “to grow in size” in relation to the moon. 🌒
  28. Zenith: Meaning “the highest point”.

What are cool nonbinary names?

The names of colors can make for pretty cool nonbinary names, too.

There are so many possibilities.

After all, you have the whole color spectrum to choose from.

You could try a name based on a cool, elegant shade such as Gray, Ivory, or Silver.

Or pick a color name that’s also a nature name: Moss, Plum, or Russet.

Or why not go for something really vibrant, like Lime, Purple, or Red?

Here are a handful of our favorite color-inspired names:

  1. Azure: Meaning “sky blue”.
  2. Blue: Meaning “blue”.
  3. Brick: Meaning “solid”.
  4. Coal: Meaning “black”.
  5. Cyan: Meaning “greenish blue”.
  6. Denim: Meaning “strong cloth”.
  7. Indigo: Meaning “deep blue dye”.
  8. Ivory Meaning “pale white”.
  9. Jet: Meaning “jet black”.
  10. Lime: Meaning “lime”.
  11. Magenta: Meaning “purplish red”.
  12. Mahogany: Meaning “dark red wood”.
  13. Moss: Meaning “of Moses”.
  14. Ochre: An extremely rare nonbinary name meaning “pale yellow”.
  15. Plum: Meaning “plum tree”.
  16. Purple: Meaning “purple”. Greatly associated with royalty and creativity.
  17. Red: Meaning “redheaded one”.
  18. Russet: Meaning “reddish”.
  19. Silver: Meaning “silver”.
  20. Umber: Meaning “shade”.
  21. Violet: Meaning “purple”.

What are some rare nonbinary names?

One of our favorite 2023 baby name trends is the move towards adjectives and ‘word’ names.

Think about it: a name inspired by the very essence and energy of your newborn – it really can’t get any rarer than that!

If you’re musical you might like Lyric, or if you’re a fan of summer sunshine, why not August?

For a more spiritual baby name, you could choose Angel or the Hebrew Ariel.

Or maybe you just want your baby to start their life with a spot of Luck

And while these adjectives and terms are recognized by most, it’s how your unique baby chooses to present them that’s irreplaceable.

  1. Celestial: Meaning “of the heavens”.
  2. Noble: Meaning “aristocratic”.
  3. Icy: Meaning “ice-like”.
  4. Stellar: Meaning “of the stars”.
  5. Arrow: Give your baby a sense of purpose from the get-go with this straight-shooting name meaning “fired from a bow”. 🏹
  6. Sincere: Meaning “honest”.
  7. Solace: Meaning “comfort”.
  8. Merit: Meaning “beloved”.
  9. Justice: Meaning “righteous”.
  10. Blithe: Meaning “carefree”.
  11. Rogue: Meaning “mischivous”.
  12. Solo: Meaning “peace”.
  13. Coy: Meaning “shy”.
  14. Hardy: Meaning “bold”.
  15. Cadence: Meaning “flowing”.
  16. Revel: Meaning “rejoice”.
  17. Zealous: Meaning “enthusiastic”.

We hope you’ve found some names you like here, whether from the wilds of nature, the outer reaches of space, or the colors you love.

For even more baby names that aren’t gender-specific, take a look at our lists of Unisex Baby Names and Gender-Neutral Baby Names.

And why not chat to the other mamas on Peanut about their favorite nonbinary names?

You might just find the perfect match for your baby.

167 Nonbinary Baby Names and Meanings | Peanut (2024)


167 Nonbinary Baby Names and Meanings | Peanut? ›

Some popular unisex names Quartz has observed include Alexis, Azariah, Baylor, Emory, Finley, Hayden, Justice, Landry, Skylar and Spencer.

What is the rarest non-binary name? ›

Unique Non-Binary Baby Names
  • Onox.
  • Ignis.
  • Hedly.
  • Wehinahpay.
  • Goren.
  • Maku.
  • Iolo.
  • Bib.
Apr 4, 2024

What is a non binary name for baby? ›

More Cute Gender-Neutral Names
45.EmeryUniversal ruler
46.IndigoPurple-blue color, from India
48.PresleyPriest, clearing
6 more rows
Sep 27, 2023

What are some gender-neutral names with meaning? ›

What are cute gender-neutral names?
  • Asa: Meaning “healer” in Hebrew.
  • Bellamy: Meaning “good friend” in French.
  • Bobbie: Meaning “stranger” in Greek.
  • Dakota: Meaning “friend” in Native American.
  • Darian: Meaning “defender of good” in English.
  • Eden: Meaning “like heaven” in Hebrew.
  • Harley: Meaning “meadow” in English.
May 11, 2023

What name has no gender? ›

Some popular unisex names Quartz has observed include Alexis, Azariah, Baylor, Emory, Finley, Hayden, Justice, Landry, Skylar and Spencer.

What is a fancy non-binary name? ›

Along with Charlie and Lowen, other cool nonbinary names include Arbor, Everest, Frey, Kit, Onyx, Ridley, Tatum, and Wren.

What do kids call nonbinary parents? ›

Doddy, Maddy, Poppy, and other combinations of “Mommy” and “Daddy” can be clever twists on gendered parent names. Creative and made up names like Zizi, Sasa, and Mimi are perfect if you prefer something with no connection to gendered names.

Can a child identify as non-binary? ›

Sometimes, children will explore gender by beginning with a nonbinary gender identity as part of their ongoing journey, eventually moving to something more binary. Others will find that being nonbinary is their truest self. It can be challenging for a parent to be at peace with what seems like uncertainty.

Can a baby not have a gender? ›

It's rare, but a baby could be born with what's called ambiguous genitalia, which could mean one of two things: Incomplete genitals. Some babies born with ambiguous genitalia have genitals that haven't developed fully, so they lack characteristics of either sex. Both genitals.

What to name a miscarried baby? ›

Consider using a name that you love but which you would not use for a future baby, such as one that honors an older relative, or a relative who has passed away. Having a positive association like that with a name you bestow on your miscarriage or stillbirth may prove helpful for you emotionally in the long run.

What is an androgynous name? ›

A unisex name (also known as an epicene name, a gender-neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender-specific. Unisex names are common in the English-speaking world, especially in the United States.

What is the most rare name? ›

Names Given to Fewer Than 5 Baby Boys in 2022
  • Aubin.
  • Bramwell.
  • Conran.
  • Crusoe.
  • Eisenhower.
  • Finlo.
  • Florent.
  • Gulliver.
Oct 13, 2023

Who was the first non binary? ›

In 2012, the Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project began to advocate for expanding gender options on official documentation. In 2016, Elisa Rae Shupe was the first person to have a non-binary gender on official U.S. documents.

What are the top 100 rarest girl names? ›

100 Rare Girl Names
  • Zia.
  • Jazzlyn.
  • Yvette.
  • Calliope.
  • Inez.
  • Valkyrie.
  • Cordelia.
  • Harlyn.
May 1, 2024


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